Erin King Named New Business Development Specialist

Gray Property Group is excited to announce that it has named Erin King as our new Business Development Specialist. Nick Gray hired Erin in September 2022 as his executive assistant and, over the last nine months, Erin has been instrumental in virtually every element of the Company’s success. Erin has assisted Nick with brokerage transactions, client onboarding, and hiring, taken the lead on our marketing and office administration, and addressed many property management challenges outside her normal job description. Seeing Erin’s unique ability to create better operating procedures, Nick has decided to task her in a full-time business development role. Going forward, Erin will be singularly focused on improving operations, elevating our marketing strategy, and expanding our business. We are confident that Erin will continue to thrive in this job function and make vital contributions to Gray Property Group’s growth. 

Congratulations to Erin on this new role. We can’t wait to see what Gray Property Group will accomplish next thanks to her hard work. 


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