Gray Places 15-Unit Apartment Portfolio Under Contract

Gray Property Group is pleased to announce that we have placed a 15-unit apartment portfolio in Manchester under contract to purchase. This portfolio is comprised of three mid-size multifamily buildings in quality areas of Manchester’s East Side: 68 Kenney Street, 84 Blodget Street, and 185 Calef Road. We plan to renovate all 15 units in Spring 2022 for a total project cost of $2M, providing quality housing for local residents and creating an opportunity for investors to earn an annual return exceeding 15%. Contact us to discuss becoming a capital partner!

Gray Property Group is Manchester’s premier multi-family investment, brokerage, and management company. By purchasing and renovating our own apartments and assisting others with the purchase, sale, and management of their own, we are revitalizing Manchester one property at a time. Contact us at (603) 637-4812 to discuss your real estate goals and FOLLOW US to stay apprised of the New Hampshire multi-family market.


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