I turned $3000 into
$3.9 million Real Estate Assets…

…..By Investing In Multi-Family Real Estate 

I Turned $3000 Into $3.9 Million Real Estate Assets By Investing In Multi-Family Real Estate You Can Too!

Nick Gray

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Nick Gray Is The Most Accomplished Real Estate Investor/Broker under 30 Years Old In New Hampshire & Northern Massachusetts

Nick owns and operates Gray Property Group, a real estate investment, brokerage, and management firm with 30 apartment units worth $3.9M under ownership and dozens more units under management . As a broker, Nick specializes in multifamily sales/leasing and also services the commercial office market.

Prior to jumping into real estate, Nick began his professional career as an aerospace engineer at the jet engine manufacturer, Pratt & Whitney, where he designed turbine blades for the engines onboard the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and the Black Hawk helicopter. He possesses additional work experience as a graduate researcher at the Stanford High Temperature Gasdynamics Laboratory and as a summer intern at FlexEnergy and JPMorgan Chase.

Nick prides himself as an active citizen and devotes significant time to advancing worthy causes in the local community. He served for several years on the Exeter Planning Board and Budget Committee and is also active in the Knights of Columbus. In addition, Nick is a Second Lieutenant in the New Hampshire Air National Guard. 

Nick holds M.S. and B.S. degrees in mechanical engineering from Stanford and Cornell, respectively, and is a preparatory school graduate of Phillips Exeter Academy. He completed his undergraduate work at Cornell in just three years, magna cum laude and Tau Beta Pi.

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We have really enjoyed our experience living at one of Gray Property Group’s properties.

We have really enjoyed our experience living at one of Gray Property Group’s properties. Nick is very responsive and does his best to respond to anything that comes up. The renovations came out great - I have seen the before photos!

April Barker

Nick and team are a well-oiled machine. He is kind, responsive, and efficient. I appreciate the attention to detail and am very pleased with my decision to invest in the Bayberry Green property.

Trevor Marrero

We have been tenants for several years now. While we have experienced no issues, any questions or concerns have received an immediate response. We have been quite pleased with our accommodations.

Jamie Lemire

Nick was instrumental in the process of leasing our first space. As a small business in a competitive business we had certain check lists that we wanted, and Nick checked them all for us. I wouldn't recommend anyone else!

Cody Belanger


You Are Losing Money By Not Hiring A Multi-Family Expert For Your Multi-Family Properties!

Multi-Family Real Estate are housing reserved buildings with multiple units and commonly known as multi-dwelling units. These are commonly used to describe apartment complexes like duplex, triplex, townhomes, and any other building designed to house different families in separate units. 

Most prospective buyers/sellers either use a real estate agent who is unspecialized and is simply a friend, failing to recognize the difference in service they would receive if they worked with an investor’s agent like me. Likewise, most people aren’t aware of the opportunity to invest in one of Gray Property Group’s syndications. 

The high turnover alone makes multi-family properties a great option for investors, however, hiring a multi-family expert ensures the profits you reap are maximum and that you don't lose any money! Here's a few:

Get your Commercial/Multi-family property listing in front of more investors

A qualified broker who specializes in commercial or multi-family assets will help you understand the value of your property, hence, giving you a price range that can be expected. This helps you make a conscious decision whether selling makes sense or not. 

Nick has a database of qualified, active investors in the market along with a cordial relationship and influence with them this makes way for your ultimate buyer to find you more easily.
There is no substitute for experience

A multi-family expert broker helps you tackle any number of unexpected and challenging issues that may or may not arise during the escrow period, after the sale contract is signed.

With his vast experience in this field Nick has probably experienced it all. He effortlessly quarterbacks the entire process of loan approval, appraisal, and due diligence as required.
Sell your property with a trusted broker

A professional broker ensures you get the representation needed for making a profitable sale. 

As a multi-family entrepreneur, Nick is ethical, transparent, and has a reputation of being fair but will also be your personal negotiator in the marketing arena along with escrow management. Hence, its no secret that the benefits of a specialized broker outweighs the cost by a big margin.


Latest Properties

Located at 1650 Elm Street in the North End of Manchester’s Downtown, we firmly believe that a renaissance in the Queen City must begin with quality housing for the working middle class. We take pride in bettering the local community one property at a time and, in doing so, making housing a win-win for investors, landlords, and tenants alike.

With more than 10% cash returns and 15% IRRs we have a strong track record of creating investment opportunities even for those who want to passively invest. 

5 Reasons You Should Invest In Multi-Family Homes


The ability to leverage the asset is one of the major benefits of investing in real estate. When it comes to real estate, leverage refers to the ability to move more money with less effort. Imagine how this works in practice: to acquire $1 million worth of stocks, you will need $1 million in cash on hand. However, for a $1 million rental property, you only need $250,000 - the rest would require a mortgage. Leverage can be useful when spending money on multifamily housing as it increases your average rate of return. ( Note: This also increases your risk when you are borrowing against the assets and paying interest on the loan.


Investing in multifamily properties allows you to grow your real estate portfolio faster than when you are investing in one-off single-family rental portfolios. Along with that as discussed above, leverage enhances the ability to scale. For instance, if you have $1 Million in cash on hand you could invest $250,000 in four properties worth $1 million each and have the cash flow from the rentals pay off the loan, and over the time, you would have a $4 million portfolio! Commonly used by investors to scale their portfolios.

Tax Benefits

Multi-Family real estate comes under the most tax advantaged assets bracket with the two biggest benefits being mortgage interest deduction and depreciation. As larger investment properties require large mortgages at 5%+ interest rates, this results in a high annual deduction exclusively for multi family investors. Amongst these depreciation being the ultimate tax shelters for rental property owners. The premise here is that properties depreciate over time even if they are actually appreciating in value and it also covers the properties ‘wear and tear’ or exhaustion over time.


Other than the abundant cash flow potential, the vast appreciation potential of multi-family prptiperries is the primary reason investors prefer it. Whilst instant upsticks are rare, those that hold for long periods will eventually benefit to some degree of appreciation given the routine inflation. With that being said, those who add value to multifamily properties available upgrading systems and improve the properties can reap outsized returns by selling to investors looking for a yield. Other than that appreciation also enhances your investment portfolio.

Passive Income

Lastly, investing in multi-family rental properties gives way to generate passive income. This is a great opportunity to build wealth. In short, once the property is rented and generating the cash flow, as an investor you can sit back and collect the rent payments without having to lift a finger.

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